June motion

A few things happening this month involving felting, metal, and dirt.

Felting. I have a piece in the show Small Quirks, at the Saskatchewan Craft Council. Memento


My partner was away, and my workspace unfolded for a week!! The garage stayed open for my metal play. Very liberating and really helps with keeping the momentum going. Two pieces came out of the garage today. I truly love the lines and flow of old metal. the rust is added texture and a testament to history from manufactured, to use, to discard. I have an appreciation for the beauty in the discarded and repurposed. these are my prairie talismans.

In progress. a wheel from a tillage implement, probably wrought iron. gears and wrenches.
complete. the hammer heads, playing inside at different tilts. makes me smile
there will be some cool looking light dances. 🙂
backside of a narly flower
balanced! i weld with stick. I weld into rust, not clean metal. I weld while holding onto my parts. very little use of blocking. the impact of playing with gravity, disregard for pristine material allows me to expand my potential. A professional, skilled trades person knows better than to do this. my defiance and sets me up to find alternatives that preserve the rust. I have works that hold significant weight and are weathering the elements for 15 years. the rust will still progress, ever so slowly. the works are not meant to be around till end of the earth. I would guess that the one gear in this flower is 75 to 80 yrs old. the rust will continue blossom, unless i put on rust convertor… options. but love the rust.


Gorilla gardening full force!!

our amazing Rose!
Christmas cactus enjoying the great outdoors

a small part of the yard 🙂

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