Life in the Pandemic lane

I seem to shift away from all things when pressures are high. My work life balance has be out of sync for a couple years now. Most work days, i am in bed by 7pm, up at 4am. Add in the spice of obsessive wake up problem sessions around 1am and that is about it. So my soul, my art does not get to feed me as I need. Great to have support in my partner, friends, professional help, colleagues and our fur babies. Life goes on.

There are some stunted moments of creation, still creating.

from the Emma Collaboration, 2022 here are a few pieces i was a part of:

the copper on the rock, not showing the potential image of animal in the blob. it was kind of cool to see so many different perspectives in what image people did see.

The wood, metal and glass- the glass is not showing in this pic, I can’t remember the color, but it was not dark.

The stone tractor, I do love to carve. this baby is in England. so cool.

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