How did August and September get missed?

So much for once a month updates. As of today, the backyard Shangri-la has been but to bed for our upcoming winter sleep. the colors are still seeping in before the blinding white blanket settles. I am continuing to play with melting metal and casting. The first weekend of October I participated as a demonstrator for the Saskatchewan Industrial Arts Teachers symposium. This took place at Heiberts Hot Shop. 2 days of playing and learning. Afraid I get too excited and don’t think about taking pictures during or once casts are made. The third picture is from the set up. I now have boxes!

Still playing with metal, seems to be part of my core. trying to find a flow in line. I like this one, reminds me of a cattail. see how it settles out.

Lamps are continuing. I have messed around with copper wire and glass pieces. next I need to try to fuse them together…

Whirligig, is another metal sculpture. three pics included. It has a home and I hope in person it makes her smile.

Henrietta is still around our house. I love the gladiolas color bounce with her!

Also playing with creating metal wire armatures and air dry clay. Soooo tiny.

Catch up next month, at least that is the plan!

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