whoa back there time

Many times I have had thoughts to update my blog, but so little follow through. Finally, I made it. Sad news, the womens art collective was disbanded. Always good to be around other artists. I appreciate seeing and doing new things.

I’ve included some photo’s of things I am doing, and things I am loving right now, and things I am looking forward too.

top row from the left: 1. work in progress. 2. glass insulators/steel wheel/wire outdoor art object. 3. flowers and glass. 4. more flowers and glass (I quite like it). 5. a potential space for a flippin art show!!!! The Pumphouse in Saskatoon River Landing. Nothing confirmed but maybe, maybe Lovely. This ride is amazing. 6. Our kitchen in progress. There is a countertop now, the glass tile are in the works. I have removed most of the glass pieces and then reattached them. Well worth it and i got to move them around a bit more and add more. 7. One of my beauties in the backyard. I spend a lot of time keeping up to all the growth and wonder in our backyard. Love being in the dirt and watching things grow, such a gift.

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