Well, not yet framed but they are now being framed.  That would be me two paintings that are going up for my first gallery show.  Bit the bullet, thanks to my husband, and brought them in to Art Placement to be professionally worked on.  Seems that my laise fair stretching of Boreal was not appealing to my honeys eye.  Strange, as he has says he has little to offer me in regards to my paintings and is challenged when I ask him “how does it make you feel?” So when he does offer me an opinion I will hear it after I disagree with it first, so it seems 🙂

Boreal is being re-stretched professionally and also framed.  Note to self, learn how to make things square or fork out the money to get someone else to.  It really does look sad when it is half ass. Another lesson learnt.

I also must share that I was a little anxious taking in my work for the first time to have someone (a professional framer in a known gallery). It made no difference that I was paying for a service, and was not asking for an opinion from them.  Yet here I was fearful of being vulnerable with my creations.  The young man offered me no opinion and focused on the work he needed to do. That helped my fragile creative side.  So then I am asking myself, why am I painting?  Is it for acceptance? Acceptance would be grand from the artistic community. What do I want from this journey? I don’t really know other than I want to go further and get better.  One day I want to paint for a few weeks in Paris, visiting gallery after gallery while seeing the city and its wonderful architecture.

Back to the present and the snow covered landscape of the prairies.  December cometh and I have new canvasses (prestretched and square) calling my name.

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