last weekend


I am in my final project, or I should say I am currently working on my final project.  Last weekend and the next I have the privilege of being in Anne McElroy’s Abstract class.  There are only 5 students in this class!!! what a bonus!!!

Great to have time to work through my paintings and see them.  I am using ‘see them’ quite literally as I am learning to understand what I see and how I see.  It is a challenge to see, understand and create.  I generally don’t like my work when I step away from the easel.  After digesting I go back in and sometimes even like them.  Currently I am still in Love with smearing loads of gorgeous paint, rich in color onto the canvass of an existing painting.  mmm, see where that takes me.  It is a bit expensive though so I am limiting myself.

Here are three paintings from the weekend; one form, one line, and one with rich texture.

life flow



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