lessons, learning, and public fear

Well the Farmers Market experience truly was an experience.  Things fell apart for numerous reasons.  Lots of encouragement and support. Life conspired.  I can only speak to my lessons learned.  1. organizing for something like a public art event where creating is involved is HUGE.  I did not think farther then the end of brush.  Seems that creating in public is an extreme undertaking.  When I sat there with my paints close to me and the canvass infront of me I began to freeze with people walking by.  They didn’t even have to speak to me.  Many people that I knew stopped in to say hi and see what what going on, that was nice.  It was after that when I no longer felt secure in what I was attempting.  2. I can create if I am with one other person.  A lovely water colorist came by and was there for a short time.  This was good.  I felt a connection (imagined or not). I felt secure.  Then she went home…

This is the work I left with.  farmers market

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