project :I spy my sky – morph

I have been toying with a project idea for awhile now. Started on the works for the project. Why a project? Well I am looking at the next step, how to get my work out to be seen. CARFAC has some great resources that are helping me formalize my plan of whom to submit to. Even though I have a plan the other side of my brain is saying I should get ready for the rejections too.  I would sooner a response than nothing though.  As a newbie to this whole thing of promotion and developing as a painter spins me. It places me in a vulnerable space even though I am pulled along by the passion I have for creating.

A few months ago I did submit to a local gallery that supports local emerging artists.  I did get a response saying thanks for the submission and we will be looking at them once a month. Nothing after that. Leaves me thinking, second guessing really, do I even qualify as an artists? I don’t have the BFA or the MFA that I see the majority of their artists do.  Does this make me unqualified?  I hope the work is judged on its own.  My work is still in its infancy and I think it is progressing. So as an emerging artist is this just my ego pushing me or is there something in my work that is of substance?  I fall to the latter, plus I love creating and playing in paint.

On to the plan for the project. For some galleries they ask for a proposal for exhibition of work that has not been displayed locally.  My plan is to create works based on photos of the wonderful sky matched with an abstract of the same pallet, created just after the original to keep the mood. I have included the first two in this post, winter crux and crux morph.

winter crux crux morph

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