Still here! no tragic events just playing with Fire

It has been awhile since my last post. I have completed a large 5 foot painting for an upcoming show for the Emma Collaborative.

do not go gently

And, I just got back from the Sisters of Fire weeklong event up at the Ness Creek Festival site.  Sisters of Fire is a metal working week that includes blacksmithing and metal fabrication.  I went up with my scavenged metal parts from agricultural machinery. Some parts are over 90 years old.  They are all rough and rusted. My favourite to work with because they have stories in their stress lines and wear marks.

still swag still swag

geared leaning geared leaning

lotus lift lotus lift

bolt bee bolt bee bolt bee bumblin bolt bee bumblin

I need to get something behind the sculptures to get a better pick of just them.  Lotus leaning and bolt bee bumbling all move in the wind. So much fun to make and then watch.



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