Ezzi getting update

Since my last post, I have had a paint failure. My rust convertor didn’t completely convert the rust and I had some rust blooms making their way through paint in two main areas. Back to bare metal on the figures frame and her skirt.  I then decided to use oil paints for my first time ever. Well frig, that was a huge mistake and massive learning curve. Ok, maybe not a mistake but a learning opportunity. Didn’t help that I was time pressed to take Ezzi to a Long Term Care Community to share her there. I did get her down to bare metal and did paint her. The problem was the paint did not dry in the 3 days between application and transportation. One other failure in Ezzi came once I reached the destination, her hair weld let loose. Guess the springyness of her hair put too much stress on it during the ride over. It was still a fun time with talking to people that passed and warning them of the wet paint followed by the story of Ezzi flying down a hill on her tricycle.

After the paint experience I decided to take the complete sculpture down to bare metal and sand it out more to get a better grip on the rust conversion. Did research on conservation of metal pieces outdoors. My products of choice at this point are coroseal followed by tremclad primer. Once the protective layers are on, I am back to my acrylics, choosing uv stable pigments.

Today, Ezzi has a Balloon!! and is ready for some final finishing work on the new welds for her hair.

My time line is tomorrow clean up metal spots and at rust convertor. 24 hrs later, primer, 24 hours later Full on Colour!! I am so excited!!

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