the fisherwoman gnome

A few years ago, I found a fisherman gnome and brought him home to my husband (the real fisherman in our family). A lovely buddy of mine, also a passionate fishing person, liked the gnome. Fast forward to many years later and a significant motivation for making a special fisherwoman gnome. The motivation is that my buddy has completed a significant mile stone in her life and want to celebrate her motivation, dedication and success. Way to go M!!! In my friends honour, I have made this fisherwoman gnome to remind her of continuing to enjoy life’s passions with joy. Plus, I am not up to sculpting horses…

Here is soon to be rehomed, fisherwoman gnome.

Progress for this project was an uphill learning curve. I think I went through 5 full revamps from full on failures, internal armature issues, and proportional trouble. Love how it came together and really love adding color to her. Oh, the little fly’s are actual dry flies for fly fishing (not made by me).

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