hmm… What to say that doesn’t peg me into some limiting predetermined subjective frame?
Starting a blog for my creative journey in visual arts. I am taking the long road and not going through a fine arts degree, although I would be game to if I had financing. The balance between passion and exploration in art with catching up on debt from seven years of nursing education have settled towards realism along with responsibility. I have a fantastic job in a wonderfully supportive community.

I have reached my forties and now understand why self awareness and finding a balance are so important, blh blah blah blah…..

K, this isn’t a journal of deep dark thoughts and philosophical ponderings. I do love to think and tend to feel a great deal as an empathic person. Im sure some people i have met would disagree and have some other comments as I’m not a perfect person and can fly off the handle. This blog is my unbalanced perspective and journey.

This is why I love to paint. My painting style is highly emotive abstract expressionism. That’s what I have dubbed it.

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