hitch hiking in my youth

Read about the murderer in BC that targeted women and that he is responsible for many more deaths than what he was charged. What has this to do with art? Well, lets just say I am glad I only hitch hiked a couple of times in B.C., oh and once in the Maritimes. Almost forgot about good old Al Oming and his pet Cheeta in the station wagon trip…

K, I tree planted in Northern B.C.in my early 20’s. Not very well, didn’t make a lot of money but what an adventure. After a summer season of planting a fellow planter and I decided to make it down to Vancouver via the inside passage ferry to Vancouver Island and then on to Vancouver. Picture two young 20 women with tent, backpacks and some damn fine hiking boots well worn and that may be what we looked like at the side of the road. We were at the side of the road with no vehicle other than our thumbs out.
At the start our trip should have been a day ride, if we were lucky, to Prince Rupert. It started off OK but our ride ended with no others in sight by nightfall. As the resourceful women we were, we set up our tent at the side of the hwy and crawled into our sleeping bags. Both of us slept until the ground began to shake, a bright light blinded us and then the train whistle scared us even further!! Yup, we tented between the hwy and the railroad. After we realized what was happening around us and that we were not in any immediate danger, that we knew of at least, we fell back asleep.
In the morning we were up before the sun and back being hopeful to make it to Prince Rupert. We caught an interesting ride with a lumber mill worker. He then took us to his workplace and toured us around. After the tour we then got back on the road to find another ride to Prince Rupert.

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