Last day of abstract course of 2012

heading out this morning for the last day of the course. no pictures yet, I need to bring the paintings home first! Why is learning so painful and frustrating at times? So often the paint just flows and I love the rhythm as the painting unfolds, spots catch my eye and I respond with color. Then there are the moments when it is a unconsolidated fury or muddy clashing of paint.  sigh…

Thankfully I have some great guidance and push. I continue to explore and grow in this course and am thankful for it. Tonight I will take pics again and show you some more of my creations.

I am also looking into how to go about having a gallery fall in love with my work and want to have my paintings showing there. Future thinking is beneficial.  I have read that in order for it to be beneficial for the gallery they need to be assured that the artist is reliable and will be able to produce 20 high quality works a year.  My style and how I produce my art puts me into the ‘able to produce 20 quality paintings’ category.  So the next step is becoming known. freaking scary for the woman that may not answer the door because I don’t know who’s there….But I love to paint, love to create and am taking this further.


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