whats new pussycat

today is thursday. forgive the typos as iam typing with gloves on. Why you may ask? Well seems that i have been actively  working around some little parasites known as scabies.  Even though i know I had minimal contact with possibly infected peoples my brain still made my skin crawl. the crawling of the skin and a potential infection pushed me over the edge so i have been medicated.  ha, been medicated, what a loaded little phrase.  my medication regimen was lotion from neck down to my toes, not forgetting any nooks and cranies. This of course includes my hands.  then the medication remains on for 12 to 14 hours.  so come 2am i will be in the shower.  hence the gloves on the hands to prevent any spread of the scabicide to our home items, pets, and other loved ones 😉

tomorrow is an edo and then Back to Painting Class!!!!  I also received an email about being eligible for graduation from the fine art and design program i am in.  only one more class, plus the review, and final project.  really seems like 3 more classes but who’s counting.  the culmination is being a part of the graduate gallery show on the U of S campus.  I think I will have enough items to fill lots of space, but i will be limited 😉

think of me when you are done reading and start getting a little itchy….

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