Still waiting for the window to be changed out in my new space. I don’t like to wait without knowing an estimated time for completion.  Hope for the best but be realistic, what an oxymoron.  Like ‘dream big but be realistic’, another oxymoron.  How can you dream big and be realistic?  My art journey is not going to be realistic to some, especially since the reality of becoming an accomplished artist including financially accomplished seems to be so far from the norm.  I plan to break the norm.  

As it stands I have another class coming up in abstract painting with a wonderful instructor, Anne!!!!  She has a wonderful edge to her along with compassion plus some realistic content 😉  Her one comment that I appreciated but was taken aback on when I first heard it was around one painting that she said was nothing to be excited about because she expected more. Plus she tries not to influence my painting with her ideas as she wants it to be true to me.  Her teaching style pushes me and I love- hate -love the growth.

note- I see my writing style is very 80’s influenced still.  I use Like often plus my grammar sucks.  oh well, imperfection adds character and ambiguity!  Always open for interpretation!

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