come rain or shine

The long weekend is approaching and my window exchange is still on hold. Found out that there isn’t a standard window size and we now need to have one made to order. A minimum of 3 weeks which will bring the process to the end of October. Looks like a new window for Halloween, that will be a treat.

The plan for the long weekend then is to paint one wall white as the room is currently an earthy orange. As a newbie I now realize that colour around a painting, including green painters tape, influences the colour pallet. To not influence the pallet I will have a working wall, or maybe a couple of white walls, or maybe three…. So many choices. Then I will put up my ledges to stand up my picks that have frames and some moulding to hang the others from. I like to go back and add but need to see them, get tired of them, loose the emotional tie to them, and maybe become re-engaged with them (or completely fed up with them and mourn the loss of the paint on such a pitiful attempt and paint over it).

Now to work so the weekend will come!

note- my honey says I sound whiney “oh my window!” and he seems to think artist are like this. Good he thinks of me as an artist!!!lol

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