reno on the go!

Started to paint three of the walls in my new studio space. Only 3/4 of the wall is being painted white. I did the final coat just minutes ago this morning. Next step is to make some small ledge that goes around the painted area so that my canvases can sit there to be stared at over and over again. The settling process is to see if they speak and need more touches or tickling before the next stage of viewing by more people and maybe the adoption process.
Another part of my start up process it to contact the local women entrepreneur org and get help for a business start up. I think it would be awesome to be able to write off the space and supplies for tax purposes! A business plan is so opposite to the creative process in my head, but if I want to be…no as I am taking this seriously I need to do it with a business plan! of course there will be more than a little unrealistic anarchistic moments embedded within the plan and in actions.
Oh, and the window replacement still needs to happen. Our lovely contractor says that he is able to change it with little impact on the larger space. He does fantastic high quality work, love having linked up with him.
off to find breakfast in the big city of Saskatoon on a long weekend, while paint dries!

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