side tracked

It always seems that when you have one plan there have to be at least four or more other things that have to be attended to before you can finish the grand plan of the one. The studio project reno has begun but in the mix is the painting of a brand new garage that takes up most of my backyard… the walls and square feet are huge! While waiting for time to appear to complete the studio reno we have been painting in the garage. First coat was done by honey and a helper in 5 hours-10 hours of labour with rollers. Next coat was put on with a pressure sprayer by honey and I-1.5 hours. Timing doesnt include the prep, the discussions, the traveling to find the pressure sprayer to rent. Today will be the third coat.

A second thing that happened yesterday was a trip to the farm. As we drove up to the road before the approach we were met by a massey ferguson 59 super 96 and then another one. These are combines that were used in the 50-60’s. Some smaller farmers would have used them longer. Both have no cabs, fully open to air and the elements. What makes these antique combines more interesting is that they were being driven to a local field to harvest the grain. The drivers were my father (73) and his brother (69), still boys at heart enjoying what was their life and passion. It takes them two short rows to fill up the hopper and then they have to dump the grain in the truck. So here are a couple of older boys bundled up for the weather racing back and forth on the field and then stopping at the grain truck. It takes a little longer than the modern combine but it could go faster for the older boys if one would not stop all the time to talk to other people that stop. My Dad is a talker, loves to meet a stranger and talk. As soon as a vehicle stops by to see this sight, Dad stops and walks up to them to find our why they were interested and what stories they have to share. He is a beacon of warmth and just loves making these connections with his passion for what has been his life as a second generation farmer here in Saskatchewan.

I got to sit up on the platform with my Dad driving the combine beside me. Brought back the feeling of comfort and peace I had as a kid riding along with him in the field winding after the rows of grain or running our own line in the dark soil.

Today is the last day of the long weekend, up early to paint the last coat and who know what will happen next!

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