reno on the go, slowly, slowly

First off work is getting fuller and fuller, in an amazing way. It feels like every step and turn is directly into another item, issue, or event. Not in a being pulled apart sense, but in a purposeful way. I have to include work in the mix because it is 5 days of the week and what is supporting my dreams of going further as an artist. I have goals and dreams for my work too; becoming a certified gerentological specialist, supporting change, and having amazing communication skills (I still need to listen better)

Secondly, last week there was a meeting of the Emma 2012 artists and we saw the space we are going to be showing in. The Mix Gallery in Saskatoon on Dec 6,7,and 8th. Wow, my first show and I have trepidation and excitement. I am so thankful we have such a wide variety of experienced artist. The ones that have years of experience are able to guide the newbies and facilitate the event. Muchly appreciated! I have no idea how it will all fit together, but I am along for the ride. What a great learning opportunity no matter what. Plus I get to spend time with good people. The crowd of strangers will be the challenge and I may bolt…wait an see.

Update on the studio
I may have killed our little air nailer. Seems that going through oak may not have been the best choice for the nailer as it is not a commercial one. Did I mention that I am a bit of a bull when it comes to physical things? To highlight this I should share that my husband has banned me from using the sawsall. It really can saw anything;) Back to the studio room, I now am waiting for my husbands assistance to fix the air nailer so I can finish putting up my ledge around the room. Once this is done I can open things up and prepare my canvasses for Friday start of my next class with Anne!

Still waiting for the window to be replaced. Seems that it is an odd size so it needs to be special ordered. What that means to me is at least three weeks later we will be paying $900. for a window, not including labor. ARGH!!! Glad we decided to only do one because it will take awhile to recoup that. Hmm maybe I could call one of my paintings ‘window’ and a price of $900? Add a bit of realism to my abstract flair 😉

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