Catching up

Whirl wind of weekend and already Wednesday. I am in a 3 day training session at work about a philosophy of care that I connect with on many levels. The whole thing is amazing and simple (but so complex). And yes I have a studio now!

The studio room is a working space that I haven’t exploded in yet because I am still waiting for the expensive window to be installed (after it is made). Went and bought 13 canvasses for an upcoming class that starts on Friday!!! So much for living in my shell, way too much going on. My studio room has been used for the first time as I prepped a bunch of my canvasses. Thinking it through, I will probably use all 13 canvasses in the next 2 weeks. I like to paint reflexively and keep going. I get enough in my head work everywhere else, I love the freedom to respond. Still have to work with it and listen to the painting but not analyze the crap out of it.

Black gesso, white gesso and the mixed grey from both are my starting points for the weekend. The big surprise is where it will take me. Add the energy of the other people from the class which is always a surprise, plus the lovely instructor. The undiscovered that will soon be a short reality. I think I may be intimidating when I roll in with my multiple canvasses and my suitcase with all my paints I own. Can’t be without my paints because then I loose out on the moment when I may have chosen it. Seems silly but it is how I paint. Not sure how I will pair down to travel and paint, may have to look at learning how to use watercolors.

The upcoming show is going along with lots of energy. I think I will take a couple of my pieces to Art Placement for an estimate on framing. Plus maybe they will give me some feedback on them….They are a gallery too, maybe I can catch their eye of interest, in a positive way. oooh i feel so awkward in this. Self promotion is not a strength of mine. I like to do rather than promote what I do.

Speaking of promoting what I do, the next step in the blog will be adding pictures. Who the hell sets up a visual artist site and doesn’t include visual content???? i guess i am just warming the soil 😉

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