In the class

Well, I am in the middle of my towards abstraction with Anne M. It is a small class, only 7 people and I am the senior student. Senior because I have taken it before, I am not the youngest or the oldest in this class. I am the vocal student though, and a rebel of sorts. Thankfully Anne is a skilled teacher and mindful of everyone, what energy to keep up with it all!

I am learning and being challenged. The class assignments I finish quickly, that is my nature in painting. To add to my learning I am filling the spaces between the assignments with a series. The impetus of my series is based on some very emotional writing that ends in tragedy and has linkages with people I love dearly. The first painting that I tried to express this in was a mess, too many thoughts competing and no consolidation. The second one looks more like an embedded moment set inside alive lines. Again, I will post pictures up!! I did rework the first one in this series and it now has a good feel to it with some sort of future representation (at least in my head).

I get to go back to a full day and then haul everything home. The count of paintings for this weekend will probably be 7. Good thing I bought more canvasses yesterday. Plus I went to an art store that was closing out and bought some pots of paint for half price. Yes, pots of paint, I now have a serious addiction that has a notable price tag to it. Time to get that business plan, claim back some cost and take the scarey leap of selling my paintings. oh my!

Then this upcoming week will be completely packed and I will start again on Friday for the last weekend of this class.

Already 8am and I need to kick start my honey so I can get there for 845. talk to you later!! plus pictures to come sooner than later 😉

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