Etsy shop now open!!

Triptic Avengers
Triptic Avengers

Oh my, I have just opened up my first ever online shop on Etsy!

(I am working on how to embed the little logo that will take you there directly but am having problems. seems that my stance of “i don’t want to learn code or understand any bit about it” may have to change)

The city of Saskatoon have graciously allowed me a home based business licence and I am good to go! Butterflies seem to be in my belly though. This is such a bizarre act of starting a business to sell my creative work. Will this influence how I paint now that I want to seriously sell it?  I think there will be a bit of that, however my oppositional defiant tendancy will be to blatantly respond in a negative to felt pressure.  Thankfully I am fully employed and I can protect my creative work to be its own instead of pressured into some route based on popular opinion.

Silly me, talking popular opinion when I am just a drop in the vastness of the internet world online businesses and the mass of artists flogging their soul based wares.  Here I am standing at the mountain top calling out that I am now ready to begin another epic journey.  Next time I will carry more oxygen as I think my head is feeling the pressure 😉

Will keep you posted on how it goes with the business end of things.

What else is happening?  I have organized a plein air even at the Farmers Market for Sept 28 here in Saskatoon.  yup, the newbie is a bit scared in this venture as I step out of my comfort zone to work in a public space.  That’s me but there are other artists that have indicated some interest too!!  A group of artists from Sherbrooke are also planning on coming out. It should be a good mix of artists that create from a variety of methods.  Some of the Sherbrooke artists move with wheel chairs and have adapted tools to create.  Here I am, learning from these people how to feel comfortable in my own skin and celebrate my abilities.  Enjoy life and the gifts we all have.

Create, Celebrate and Connect  Through Art.

Painting wise, I have to start moving pieces out of my studio as I keep going back in.  Hope to post my latest work in progress soon, but first I have to find a wall big enough for it!!  The garage wall looks like the best space but I have to talk to my honey about moving some things around;)

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