Say hello to the new proprietor:)

In my continuing journey to create art lies the need to sell art.  I am  have not been a business woman.  Budgeting is a four letter word in our house that sends us both on a downward spiral of frustration followed by guilt buying because we want to then feel good.  Yet, here I am a fully legitimate business owner!!!  I will be proud of this accomplishment for a little while because there was a bit of red tape to jump around.

oh each step has its own cost too.

1. the search the name $$.

2. based on the search choose the name and apply to register $$$.

3. register in my province $$

4. register in my city $$$

Then there is the finer points of being a home business.  I can have people come to the house to see my work but I can’t sell a manufactured item directly from the house.  ??? So, I can have you come over and love a piece but will have to deliver it myself.  ok.  Wonder if it will work to deliver it to an awaiting car???

Seems this business end is necessary as I want it to support the materials I use.  Next step is applying to show my current work in some other areas.  Did you know that it is normally 2 years down the line for a show accepted in this year? That’s a lot of time to wait.  Still so much to learn on each end of this journeys spectrum.

Officially my business is TAMMYGEBHARDTVISUALART

makes sense to me 😉

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