in progress Aug 4 2013

red lady to tablecloth

double confusion

little red rooster

Here are some rough photos of a few paintings I am working in.

One reminds me of a table cloth, strange

the set of two I find appealing but I want to add more and completely baffled about what is lacking!!! there is something but I don’t have anything concrete to grab onto.  So they will sit on a few walls in different lighting till it becomes clear what can be done to improve them.  Very frustrating but these ones are not for the recycle pile at the moment.

Funny, I am now organizing paintings into keep, recycle, and a few throw aways.  If the canvass is good I can repaint new on it.  This is interesting to me as it always adds some texture inside.

I am being drawn to green right now, something to do with how lush our city is right now. The greens and the blue green from the immaculate blue spruce trees in my neighborhood keep calling me.  Out of respect to the majestic beings I think it will be a large canvass I pull to paint the green/blue response.

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