mulling things over

Checking into resources for visual artists and working on a business plan.  All kind of loose right now but in the mulling phase.  Looks like I need to work on building my CV by showing in galleries so that my art and name gets known.  Then as it builds I will be able to grow it.  Hmmm… I need to work regularly on my art, it needs to be a disciplined event to build my skill.  Weird to say that because it can flow so smoothly, quickly and wonderfully.  So the hermit in me needs to open up and soon be open to rejection from galleries before the acceptance??? I hope not, wait, I am going to get acceptance letters for shows!!!

As I get away from myself and where I am at today it is time to step back and be present.  As it stands I am one class away from my certificate.  Next step is to join Carfac and gain from their membership.  Next year I plan to apply for a mentorship program to continue to learn but I will need to work on the application and focus of the mentorship.  Feels like standing still for today. My room is still waiting for a window and honey is in the process of putting up new lights.  I am in a gallery show in December so I have two paintings to get ready for the show. This I can hold onto.  I think I will work on a painting  based on my last one from Emma Lake experience.

Feeling better about being in this moment.

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