high hopes with mixed results

The space is falling into a workable area and I now have it broken in, with mixed results. My studio room has some great lighting.  I opened up my little suitcase that I tote my paints around to class in. Now my paints are spilled out on my table and desk top. The plan was to work off a piece from my Emma Lake experience.  

Weird how when I started warming up on newsprint I felt some of anxiousness… not sure if it was excitement or trepidation. I went through more newsprint and then onto my drawing pad.  Came up with something that I felt was a good representation of the first piece and began to mix up paint.

Worked on two paintings, wait, I am working on two paintings.  One is still very basic and the other is crap.  The crap piece has now been scraped in some places and some other shitty paint in other places.  Once the paint dries I will jump back into it.  Very disappointed at the moment in time.  I think I haven’t fully appreciated working in a group and the positive benefits from the people around you.

This is part of discipline building no doubt; go back, go back.  Go back to go onward 😉

No pictures of my latest paintings even though I did think about taking them.  Couldn’t bring myself to sharing and seeing them in the future, going onward.


2 thoughts on “high hopes with mixed results

  1. Hi tammy,

    I find getting accustomed to a new space takes time …like growing new skin! Be patient and just keep painting with a less critical eye about the result for now. Gradually things will sort themselves out and one painting will suggest the next and so on. As a result of the class I decided to start a large canvas work which is very different than anything I have done recently. Not entirely successful but not a complete bomb, just a work in progress. I try to accept it as such.

    Keep up the good work Tammy!

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