show coming up and I am not ready!!!

Seems that time is not standing still at all. I know the show is coming up and had planned to get my paintings done and the finished one framed during the month of November.  Here it is November and I am a bit behind in my acting on the planning. I still need to figure out how to get my picture framed or at least off the wood backboard that I stapled it to and presentable.  I was playing around with raw canvas from a large bolt.  Love the price and the fact that I can slice it up to what ever I want. Needs lots of paint or gesso to work on it.  It is still reasonable from a beginner perspective, but it is the finishing that is my challenge.  

Questions that I have about framing and stretching from a raw canvas piece still need answers.  For instance, is it still considered stretched when I stapled it to my wood backing board? Will I have to go back into my painting after I dismantle it and get it onto a permanent frame? Then there is the frame. Can I put a painting on a stretcher frame and call that finished? Stretcher frames don’t have the centre piece running through them so why are they considered solid when painting? More questions to figure out.  For now I will be looking for a frame and stretching tools to purchase. Then I can get my painting close to finished. The frame will be one of those wide sided that seem to forgo any other need for framing.  Like the cost cutting but there are some spectacular frames.

So much to learn, how wonderful!

plus a trip to Art Placement is in my near future 😉


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