upgrades and commitment

I have now invested into upgrading my online portion of this journey.  Part of that was coming up with and purchasing a domain name of tgva.me  that would be Tammy Gebhardt Visual Artist at a . me!  I am debating on using this as my signature on my paintings, just the tgva somewhere on the back or a side or bottom of the frame. It is also something that I can easily put on a little business card with a pic of a painting.

Currently I have a nasty cold that is playing havoc with my head but I am still going forward with my attempts at attaching my canvass to frames.  Seems that the stretcher frame is a bit of an outdated term because it is now used more often as a permanent frame.  And did you know that when building, or putting together the prefab stretchers four pieces you can have it measure the same across the sides but differently between the diagonals? square to a diamond.

I have included the invitation for the group show in early Dec( scratch that. i can’t upload a pdf into this).  The people showing works are painters and sculptors. It will be very exciting and flippin scary!!! must remember to breath and take Tums and don’t have many glasses of wine, oh


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