titles and choices

Where to start, I have been fighting a cold for over a week now and it is getting better but still there. In the mean time I have tried to prep paintings on stretchers, create new, and paint in gaps from the larger stretcher frame. The painting in gaps is because I seem to disregard the measure twice, cut once theory.  Ok, it is not a theory but my creative compulsions lean me to just want to cut canvass in a flurry and then use it as is.  My leanings would be fine if I also was the one to make a frame for my impulsive canvass sizes, however that would mean I had to measure, measure, and measure.  Hence my predicament or self induced challenge in adding to my paintings to fit the frame.  I am going to buy frames and have the canvass on before I paint in the future.  

Next on the pondering prior to my first show is the title of my works.  I am torn between ‘corporial borial’, ‘borial glimmer’, and ‘borial glint’ for the one piece.  Another realization I had is that my works do need  decent titles, meaningful titles that match the meaning in each brush stroke. 

As part of a group show I also have signed up for picking up items for the reception night. Must not forget this as it is not gala style to be passing around a bottle of wine for everyone to take a swig.  Does present some interesting visuals though;) 

have a good day

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