monkey brain

where to start, the show is this friday and I am not guaranteed to have my work framed by then. I will call there today and see where they are at. Sending out positive vibes that it will all fall into place.  

Can you tell I did the 21 day meditation challenge with Deepak Chopra? Both my husband I completed it.  Although we did the 21 days, my mind still was a wild monkey and hard to settle.  It was a good exercise and I really enjoyed the messages throughout.  This may be something we keep up once we find some more guidance. 

Pilates is now becoming a normal part of my day. Honey has been a twice a week regular participant for a few months now and is feeling the benefits.  I go in and do mini baby steps, i am broken from previous injuries to my neck and back.  It is amazing how much I carry in my shoulders.  I get stressed and then want to swallow my head with my shoulders. I think that could make an interesting painting.  

Jumping back from the monkey brain control, I have my first show and my head is being swallowed by my shoulders.  Wish me luck and send good vibes that my pics are done ahead of time;)

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