huh… a business card? a artist bio?

Ok, I was thinking about creating a business card. It was up there with getting my legs waxed.  Truthfully I would rank my legs and a pedicure higher than the business card at this time.  It is all about feeling good after the ripping out of hair, lots of hair on long legs.  Maybe the business card would be less painful but then again I have to put it out there where as my legs I just cover up.  I am still having a hard time with the steps of putting my art out there, but wanting to.  

Then there is the artists bio. What do I write? and thankfully that one I don’t have to do for Friday! I mean in 2 days!  deep breath.  Yes, this is my first show and it is Exciting!! and scary.  But sooo exciting! So many artists together and they are so nice. Everyone has such interesting backgrounds and spirits.  They all have such different journeys that brought them to art and express in their art. They have amazing bios.  Then there is myself with some interesting points in a oppositionaly defiant package.  I will learn what to write and get one together, but not for friday.

The red dot.  I learnt about the red dot tonight as I dropped off my two wonderfully framed paintings. The red dot means the painting is sold.  So cheers to the red dot and the wall that will be a new home.  Ok, that may be a bit premature but it is the thought that counts, no it is the art that counts 🙂 so here’s to my art making an impact and finding a wall to support it!


2 thoughts on “huh… a business card? a artist bio?

    1. Thanks Anne!! I am looking forward to it. It has also grown to include political content in support of Kenderdine Campus.
      See you tonight!

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