epiphany and the drain

still so green with this painting part of my life.  Did you know that pouring out the rinse container used in painting can become an issue with the drain?  I didn’t even think about that.  I am thinking that this may be the problem with our drain as the laundry is now causing it to back up. We did get the drain cleaned by a professional recently and he said it was good for five years.  Too bad that wasn’t in writing 🙂 Pretty sure he didn’t know the woman of the house is a budding painter that pours her rinse containers down the drain.  It is not full on acrylic paint going down the drain but it certainly is thick.  I love thick paint on canvass and then the brush needs to be clean.  

Today is the show opening and I will be getting over there for 6pm. In Tammy time, I should be there nervously at least a half hour ahead of time.  My monkey brain was not too active this morning when I started to work from home in the early am.  Current time is very different and the monkey is swinging back and forth.  In the last hour I have gone from: searching and distilling recent journal articles on older adults with polypharmacy, laundry, preparing a canvass, cleaning a drain, and sending email.  Of course all this has lead to my epiphany about the drain and the need to share this amazing awareness in my blog.

Now to get back to more articles.  One other noteworthy point is that diapers are for babies.  Older adults wear incontinence products. Who the h*** wants to be referred to as wearing a diaper when they are trying to age with dignity? Please people, rethink the wording.  I remember going shopping with my grandmother for incontinence products. She was in a wheelchair and needed assistance getting around the store.  Needed assistance reaching the product.  Then she was ashamed and didn’t want to have it carried out where others could see it. Dignity is so important when our elders are loosing other aspects of their lives.  Ok, that’s off my chest and the monkey will move onward.

Scattered and getting hyped for tonight! 😉

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