The Show and opening night

opening night dec 12That was a lovely evening with a great group of people.  The works from all the artists looked so good up in the gallery. My honey and I were the first ones in that evening.  After a bit I noticed a red dot on my painting and didn’t know what that was at first.  umm, my painting Boreal sold before the doors opened! Wow. First painting I sold, how nice.

It was great seeing so many artists from our Kenderdine experience.  Nicki did a great job capturing our coming together and the importance of Kenderdine campus.  Lots of good media coverage, hope it impresses upon the University of Saskatchewan to keep the campus open.

The background story on Kenderdine campus is that the University of Saskatchewan owns this lovely place up in the Boreal forest around a lake.  The campus hasn’t been maintained to its needs and the University of Saskatchewan has now closed it for a three year period after which they will then decide what to do with it.  I am hopeful that in the three year period the University of Saskatchewan, a centre of excellence that it is, will budget for the improvement and reopening of the excellent Kenderdine Campus.

Back to opening night, it was wonderful.  I look forward to more!

4 thoughts on “The Show and opening night

  1. I love the picture of you standing in front of 2 of my favorite paintings. I hope the show went well….and congratulations you are a painter!

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