the water bowl is empty

Yesterday our two little dogs were being a bit insistent when company was over.  It was cute and they kept coming back to me to talk.  Not exactly conducive to the feedback session I was getting from a mentor in art.  Found out later, after the feedback session that the dogs were out of water, I just didn’t interpret their attention to a need.  This leads me to this blog and my journey in emerging.

Here I am laying it out on the line as I develop in art.  Feels as uncomfortable as being a teenager.  Still self absorbed with the focus on what is in my head and  how it comes out.  Wait, it is what is in my heart and spirit that works with my head.  Either co-operatively or combatively working.  But then I throw it out to the etherial mass and to the blog sphere.  Wide open and once written and published out there to stay.  So is this a good path?  Will it hinder my journey or enhance it? Or maybe do both?

I have to admit I do track articles on some of my favorite artists.  Umm, this includes Angelia Jolie.  In reading articles I see some of the gossip mags articles.  Some content is a bit much and some is just spun from who know’s what.  What does this have to do with my Journey?  Well, I am pondering the risk of putting out my thoughts.  At least this I have some control over. People like to know some background on artists.  Maybe it is beneficial to have some content that is from me instead of about me?  In this the time of social media we have a connectedness that can bring so many of us on this little planet together.  But I still may not be letting people know the bowl is empty,  The interpretation is all with the reader.  

I see that with my art, the interpretation is with the seer.  I can attempt to guide with my choices, influence with my stroke and color but the interpretation will always be behind the eyes that see it.  I feel this blog adds to some background and will part of the dynamic behind the interpretation.  Gotta keep checking to see if the bowl has water in it. 

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