living with my creations

home 1I have made the jump to spending money on framing some of my newer works and hanging them in our home.  It is kind of weird having them in living spaces instead of only in the work space.  There was one that made it to wall but  isn’t framed yet, I love to look at her, my ‘misguided angel’.  Now I have three on the walls upstairs and I kind of like it.  Not that they are Great works of art, but they are mine and I am fine with them for the moment.  It feels like a learning opportunity too.  Learn to see them in a different light, to look at them with a critical eye, to see if they can capture my eye day after day, or will I want to paint over them?

Can’t paint over them, Art Placement framed them and I don’t want to destroy that… Committed to them as they are (for the most part).

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