had to go back in

nestingI submitted 3 works for an upcoming show of Instructors and Students from the USCAD program here in Saskatoon.  One of my pieces was chosen.  That’s great, and then not so great.  I have been looking at my piece hanging on my wall and felt I needed to go back into it.  Being that was accepted into this upcoming show I wasn’t sure if I would violate some rule by going back into it.  Plus it was just reframed for a second time(cut out some of the side noise and focused on the painting).

In the end I called and asked to see if it was ok.  Got the OK as it is my painting :).  So now I have gone back in and this is the result.  Much happier with it but still not completely.  I played with varnish previously and I really don’t like how the light catches from a side view.  It looks so muted, flat and drab.  From the front it looks ok.  So much to learn.

I have pulled a second framed one from the wall and I am going back into it too..

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