refracting light and capturing movement

December is a dark month where i put up indoor lights and keep on refracting light in the smaller space of our house as we wait for the sun to be around more. It has not been all dark in December and the start of January. My shop in the garage has been used lots and it has been fantastic to keep going out there to work and reorganize. Each time I reorganize I end up with empty buckets and have to take a trip to the farm to fill them with more magical treasures. Back to light, i have been working on two lamps and have them close to completion!!

IMGP0648 IMGP0649

movement sculptural piece

IMGP0651 IMGP0652 IMGP0653 IMGP0655

Light one

IMGP0656 IMGP0657 IMGP0658 IMGP0659

Light two

not the greatest pictures. all scavenged old agricultural parts except for the lamps.

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