self medicating the Blue funk of January

Now that I am back to work with my paying job I am having to refuse the muse when she calls. This is a bit hard as she is ever so seductive and I love being with her. I do find that time flies when I am working with my hands and making interesting art. My next two lamps are still being worked on and i will post pics once i get them further along. Seems I am now having to figure out my torch, with some exemplary help from a couple of friends. Thanks Craig and Ric!!!

Torches are a fantastic tool when working with metal but they scare the living bejeses out of me. I am finally ok with starting up my oxy acetylene with the uber safe min top tanks. Today something went pop and a high squeal that i have never heard before. I think I have put in a good 80 hours with my current set up and never had this happen so it has freaked me out. any how, here are pics of what i have made before my fright happened.

wall hanging different light wall hanging

I am thinking about painting some silver and black on this one. taking pictures and distorting the piece gives it an interesting new view.

file holder

my file holders.

farm flowers farm flowers

farm flowers

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