conjoined with frankenstein

Wondering if this is part of the madness aka frankensteinish focus without the work being seen or appreciated. I have had the privilege and pleasure of working in the shop today. Love, love, love it and now am sore, but a good sore. One piece really thrilled me and I called in my husband to take a look too. Alas, the man that provides me with wonderful support was not so tickled with. I got the ‘as long as it makes you happy’. For me making art is a conversation, oh wait, I guess i use that phrase freely, making art that is. Maybe I should use being creative from my perspective and maybe some will call it art. This is why i say i am feeling conjoined with frankenstein, only a small amount of people will appreciate it. The quest is to find them!

So here I am putting out a blog to connect to and converse on a creative plane with those that may feel resonance from my work.

IMG_1132 IMG_1133 IMG_1134 IMG_1135 IMG_1136

this piece has a working universal joint!! and it moves into four positions plus has a potential rock when moving. I find it very fun!!

IMG_1137 IMG_1138

One day this will be a lamp. working on the mechanics of the light portion.

IMG_1140 IMG_1142

This is also a lamp to be.


Had to put this together, the parts were full of character and liked each other

IMG_1143this is a completed one living in yard. snow and light all at play.

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