impulsive me

Still working on my submission piece to SWAG… If it stays in my house it is accessible and I can’t stop. My process has been working on new materials and learning how they respond to my attempts. Important to note that working on acrylic paintings on canvass; canvass paintings are not truly agreeable to being sewn, or to supporting buttons. Another learning point is that although a rivet looks like it will work with a washer inner diameter, it may not be agreeable to motion as the flare in the end does not hold the washer. Hot glue, I have never really used, is a weird technique for me. Pushed perspective in creating and now I spend sleepless nights in anticipation and excitement for SWAG (Saskatchewan Wearable Arts Gala). Wondering will my piece will even be up to the standards…. Still fun and exciting.

The impulsive part? I can’t not share!!! Plus now I am boxing it up, or at least attempting to package it without destroying the fragile painting parts.


p.s. yes, that is a lamp stand as the stand 🙂


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