After the build up

SWAG 2017

was a surreal experience with dance, music, and many versions of wearable art. I know the amount of time and passion that went into my piece and can only image the collective passion that was represented in the entire show. Skill with many different mediums to create a wide variety of pieces. The dances that threaded the show together were wonderful. Love to see body movement and hear a variety of music. The band was a treat, as their music was original and had some fantastic mashes of styles. Fantastic musicians.

The anticipation before seeing my piece come into the show area was exciting. I appreciated hearing the applause it got. The control freak in me wished that I could have coached the model in how to move in the kimono. She was fluid and graceful, taking care to limit her range. I envisioned more of a male wire fu movement in the piece with some striking movements of swirls and arms out fully frequently, along with some strong posturing. Yes, I am totally influenced by strength in movement to flow. But I recognize the care and need to work within limits to protect the piece.

I can’t imagine how difficult it is to put together a collection of a variety of artists pieces and then attempt to represent them in show with music. Kudos to the entire group that did put it all together. I know I am attached to my piece and I imagine all the artists are to their respected pieces. The show organizers and participant models did a fabulous job of presenting the art pieces as they looked pristine in the show. The care for a variety of materials to transition from one location to another and then show would have been time consuming, and I thank them for their dedication and care.

What I have learned:

This was my fist time entering. First time sewing with my treadle sewing machine. First time sewing old paintings that only allow one pass. First time using existing paintings and finding out they will delaminate when folded and rip with a button hole. My rivets were too small to hold the inside washers when repeated movement occurred. Didn’t realize the washers would fall off at the start. The washers seemed to slowly migrate off after 6 wearings. I did wear and walk in it repeatedly as I made it. I used way too much hot glue. I don’t like using hot glue and would have preferred the fasteners to hold.

I had fun making my kimono. I had an idea but morphed frequently and wasn’t tied to one way. I loved the fluid nature of creation. I loved the fluid walk of the model that showed my piece. I was selected to be a part of an amazing event, oops, my art piece was selected to part of a show. An expression from the person I am… this is still so weird and I need to release the personal attachment that was needed to create. Strange process in my art world.

some amazing pieces were chosen by the jurors to win in the three categories, alas my piece did not make the cut…


2 thoughts on “After the build up

  1. Hi Tammy. I enjoyed reading your reflections on the showing of your piece at SWAG, especially the part about letting go of your personal attachment…..allowing the model to wear it in her own way, etc. Even though your piece did not make the cut, it is obvious that you learned a great deal in the process, and kudos to you for putting it and yourself out there. Wishing you all the best as you continue to create interesting pieces in the future.

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