Summer stirring

Wow, to summer and all that keeps happening with creating. I continue to be enthralled by making things out of metal. Update on my Prairie Talisman: Lamps, I sent in an application for a show and still have my fingers crossed that they want to show my work.  Finished a chair that is now planted in the yard. Calling it slightly skewed.

Then there is a metal screen I am working on to plant between the house and our seating area. My plan is to then have an orange fabric as a background to the whole, that will then be available to transition as a awning like cover over the seating area when needed.

I have some reworked pieces and moved around other in the yard. Instead of hanging pieces, I have them planted in the yard. Definitely enjoying the space they occupy inside the yard. Plus, I have the added joy of trying to take apart 5 year old welds that still don’t want to give up the ghost. Love that my skill level keeps improving.

Plus, I have the joyous invitation to participate in the Emma International Collaboration in 2 weeks!!!! So wonderful, this amazing summer.

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