one step forward, three steps back

oh my goodness, the furnace/kiln build has been going since October. Lots of learning as I have never made one before. My partner in crime, husband (electrician), hasn’t created one before either. So damn close!! but today, January 1, my honey needs some extra TLC to get over a cold that knocked him down.

Where are we at? have the wire wound and working on the spacing and length of straight ends. Next step is placing it in the cut channels and wiring it up to the controller. I think we have all the parts needed now.


the furnace/kiln is made inside a repurposed boiler reservoir. The lid is made from the canner bottom with a layer of rockwool, and all the scrap soft kiln bricks covered with refractory cement. Also have some screws from the outside to support the mass to stay in while upside down. I am using graphite crucibles, need to convert some tongs to go straight down into the belly of heat.

Sometimes learning is painfully slow. patience. patience.

Looking forward to the moment when we fire this baby up!! it has been nick named the easy bake oven, so cute! I also had an easy bake oven as a kid. loved it and loving the new incarnation.

Happy new Year!!

4 thoughts on “one step forward, three steps back

  1. Happy New Year Tammy and Rick. Thanks for sharing. I am eagerly awaiting more results,especially when you fire it up. Doug

  2. Happy New Year…..woot.
    The easy bake is a fascinating thing. Your efforts will be rewarded. I’ve witnessed your joy pouring molten metal. Success each time no matter the outcome. (Well, there was the one time!)

    If its three steps back well then just turn around.

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