balancing creating, working .life

Creating, need to express part of the pressures that incapacitate my mind. Work, well I need to have employment and I seek to be a positive, contributing partner in my job life. Life seems to be a mix mash of everything else. I am now working full time job, but thankfully, gratefully working Mondays to Fridays right now. Creative movement keeps on going!

UPdate on Easy Bake (aka furnace/kiln): We have reached Aluminum melting temp!!! 1700. Still burned out more small fuse bodies and fibre around the new high temp wires. Next step is adding some more mortar around wires, a wee bit more insolation around the top of the main body to keep heat in. Also plan on exchanging brass fittings to stainless steel (just in case our heat get to brass melting temp).  Additional pieces for the Easy Bake,  safety gear, petro bond, and tongs. I have been attempting to order these items for a couple of months, and it looks like we are coming to a delivery point soon!

Diorama project for Material Mavens. I can’t say I remember making a diorama, and I tend to make large pieces which makes it hard to think about smaller stuff. My brain is being bent to figure out how to form a diorama with my creative tendency, and I think i have it now. I will be cutting up the painting below, and then adding some additional cut ups with small wire figures. the drawing includes some of the aspects i hope to include. See how it goes.



IMG_5006 2

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