Application to Dimensions

I have been working on a metal sculpture, Henrietta. She is a painted piece built from recycled agricultural metal, with a lovely flat square that has texture (made by my friend, Craig Campbell aka master blacksmith). the square was a cast off, my kind of metal to recycle.

anyhoo, we have been asked to not post pics of our pieces till after adjudication. so I have only posted a few to instagram and also to facebook. still having a hard time following.

“Dimensions is the Saskatchewan Craft Council’s biennial, open, juried, touring exhibition which encourages and rewards excellence in hand crafted work.

Every two years the Saskatchewan Craft Council invites all Saskatchewan craftspeople to submit up to two hand crafted items for Dimensions. Two qualified jurors are tasked with selecting the final pieces, as well as deciding which pieces merit any of the many available Fine Craft awards.”

Henrietta may not fit within confines of a hand crafted work…. so many questions within a lot of grey.

My take aways at this moment.

  1. making a crate- Thanks to my wood worker friends that were open to using my cupboard doors 🙂 Yes, I took apart my cupboard doors for wood. thankful i had a ton of cardboard around to use for cushioning inside the box. But I may have failed in the packaging area, as i lined it with used bluejeans, but I have no idea.
  2. making Henrietta- she is a fun piece with a lovely line. Her paint is kind of stunning, loving working with some interference mixed in that catches light. I have also added a lot of texture with some other paints that have mica in them. my paint highlights edges and carries shadows.
  3. still trying to see where i fit in this wild world of art, art and craft, craft.


Check out Dimensions

I will post how the adjudication went on Friday, April 5.

Plus I will add lots of pictures 🙂

Thanks for following my blog!!

Henrietta without her dress


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