Stage 5 of ‘Eye Spy My Sky ~morph’

Here are the last two paintings from my project ‘ Eye Spy My Sky ~ morph’.

This is ‘Field From Ford’ and ‘Field From Ford morph’.  It is a beautiful day here with the sun gloriously shining, yet I feel blue that the painting in this project is done. I am sure I will still go back into the works, hope I don’t destroy them but I can’t guarantee their safety.  I look at them and think some of them seriously suck. Yet here I am submitting them to a local library gallery for show. Who knows what they may think of them in the end, wait and see.  I do like these two. Is it part of bringing them forth that I like the recent ones? Is this a normal feeling when creating? A dislike of the fruits of labour. That’s all I have for the moment, going to find some chocolate to fight the funk.

Field From Ford

Field From Ford morph

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