September 2014

This has been an amazing year for me on many personal fronts. Artistically, I am still responding to the Emma Collaborative experience. I have also started a new job and plan to have more time to do art. Here are a couple new paintings. These are poor photos and still too yellow. I need to get a flash diffuser for my camera, till then here are some representational photos. 🙂

IMGP0590 reworked summer storm

IMGP0600 i have no frame of reference for this one.

I continue to work on composition, trying to have some cohesion. My plan is to go back to most of my morph project pieces and completely change them. The summer storm from above is one of them.

Metal work is continuing to move along also. My space in the garage is close to workable. I have taken apart two of my metal projects and I like what they have become. Tool wise I am loving my little makita angle grinder. Next is to purchase an oxyacetylene set up for heating, cutting, braising, and welding.  I’ve been told a tig welder can weld anything but the metal I love involves cast pieces and that is not pristine material.  The oxyacetylene seems to be more suited to my leanings.

Hope to have metal up soon.

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