Far too long ago

Well, that was a significant time lag between posts. Seems the rest of life has been helping me to put paint and metal to the back burner. I have attempted to be a full time student in the last 4 months. Now I will be a part time student with one class this term and then two in fall followed by 2 more. Then the three clinical/practicums. In the mean time I am working, doing some volunteer work and longingly wanting to hold an electrode to metal.  Balance, finding the balance is a goal of my new year.

Emma International 2016, invitation!!! they asked me back!!! Thrilled to be a part of this experience in 2016, a week of collaboration. Just need to get the anxiety and self esteem in check.

My first metal commission! a welcome to the camp sign for a friends father. still in process, seems I missed the ‘the’.



I have had some artful moments, my mom agreed to sit for me and these are the results.IMG_1457

rough sketch of Mom

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