On the verge, vulnerable, and vibrating

Well, this is it, The International Emma Collaboration 2016 starts this week. Over a 100 artists from around the globe, http://www.emmacollaboration.com/

Looking at some of the bio’s, Wow! A woman from New Zealand that worked in Lord of the Rings!! Fashion designers from Canada, and Paris! Wood workers from Hawaii, New Zealand, and Canada! Glass artists!!! Jewelry artists! and the metal workers group is big!!! This year there is a film maker and a writer. My mouth is watering and eyes are popping out of my head.

Speaking of my head, I am trying very hard to get out of my monkey brain. Last week I got a rejection letter and it always amazing how powerful mind distortion is on the fragile ego. Thankfully my oppositional defiant side can use the fuel and use it to move me forward.

Going forward, here I am with my girl EzziIMG_1947

I like how they have her placed in the gallery, she is looking at people as they enter.

My goal is to enjoy this amazing opportunity, be vulnerable and join the collab without judgement. Join the joy at my current level.


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